About The Nigerian Institute of Training and Development

Vision Statement

To be a world class Institute for Training, Facilitation, Learning and Development.

Mission Statement

To develop and maintain best practices in training, facilitation, learning and development, by providing accredited and continuous professional education to enhance its members’ developments and influence its environment positively.


  •  To promote the science and practice of training
  •  To provide a forum for exchanging and imparting knowledge, skills and experience amongst those engaged in training
  •  To encourage and sponsor appropriate research in the field of training and development and publishing such findings for the advancement of public education.
  •  To give professional accreditation to practitioners who satisfy the necessary requirements laid down by Council
  •  To establish and maintain standards of competence and conduct for the profession and to keep and maintain a register of members.

Core Values

  •  Creativity
  •  Variety
  •  Team bonding
  •  Good Communication
  •  Continuous Learning