Learning key to economic growth in Nigeria, says Xerox MD


Badagry (Lagos State) May 20, 2015 (NAN) Mr Femi Okunade, the Managing Director, Xerox Nigeria, on Wednesday said that learning was the key to the economic growth in Nigeria.

Okunade said this at the 1st Annual Trainers’ Conference organised by the Lagos State Chapter of Nigerian Institute of Training and Development (NITAD) held at the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria,(ASCON)Badagry, Lagos State.

The theme of the conference is; “The role of learning and development in a growing economy”.

Okunade said that the learning process in the country must be restructured in a way that it would aid development.

“Learning is very important; so as we continue to work on our people, we must ensure that we translate learning into development.
“ Because that is the essence of learning and without development, it wouldn’t make sense.

“The importance of learning cannot be emphasised. People must always be willing to learn new things which they must put into practise so as to improve our society.

“The late Archbishop Ajayi Crowther learned acquired several languages and he was able to translate the Bible from its English language version into Yoruba and other languages.

“This has helped many generations who have come after him.

“The role of learning and development is very essential to a growing economy. So, people must turn what they have learnt into developing key areas in the economy,” he said.

Okunade also advised that industrial training in the country should be strengthened to improve the economy.

“Our economy is basically about theories, we should go beyond that. Theories should be put into practice and the best way to achieve that is by proper funding of industrial training.

“This will help in training people and in turn, they will put their training at the service of the country, and this will help us in several ways.

“Internship should also be practised while technical people should be upgraded in the country ,” he said.

Also, Mr Seyi Kuton, the Chairman of the Lagos State Chapter of NITAD, said that one of the major causes of unemployment in the country was people’s lack of required skills for jobs.

“Acquisition of skills is very important. Many people looking for jobs are unemployable because they lack the necessary skills for the job.

“With skill acquisition, people would become self-employed and these will make them employers of labour which will help reduce the high rate of unemployment in the country,’’ he said. (NAN)

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