NITAD conference to address utilisation of entrepreneurial mindset

The President of Nigeria Institute of Training and Development (NITAD), Mrs. Janet Jolaoso, has said that the forthcoming 25th Annual Trainers’ Conference of the institute slated to take place at Nike Lake Resort, Enugu, from September 12-14, 2017, will address entrepreneurial and entrepreneurship.
Jolaoso who stated this at a conference organised by NITAD in Lagos recently explained that it has been discovered that many Nigerians are not employable due to the skill gap, pointing out that many organisations need workers but many job seekers do not have skills to do the work available.
“That is why we want to address the issue of skill in the society, so as to help people, especially the entrepreneurs out there. We also observed that the skills gap in Nigeria requires strategic approach to revamp and enhance the growth and development of the Nigerian economy,” she said.
Jolaoso pointed out that the reason for unemployment is because most educational institutions focus on academic, without skills, so when the students graduate, employers of labour will not be ready to employ them. “This is because there is no skill. We have identified some of these things and want to encourage people to acquire skills that will make them employable in the industry.”
Chairman of the Annual Trainer Conference, Mr. Oluwaseyi Kuton, also said the conference with the theme, “Utilising Entrepreneurial Mindset to Address the Skill Gap in the Nigerian Economy” became necessary as the Nigerian economy is dwindling due to recession.

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