Unemployment: Federal Government tasked on skill gap

The President and Chairman of NITAD’s Governing Council, Mrs. Janet Jolaoso, said findings have shown that many graduates are jobless because they lack required skills.
Jolaoso, who spoke ahead of upcoming 25th Annual Trainers’ Conference in Enugu, said the trend of unemployment will continue unless the government addresses the issue of skill gap.

Jolaoso, who was represented by the Chairman, Annual Trainer’s Conference, Mr. Oluwaseyi Kuton, said they have approached all the necessary Federal and state ministries to introduce ‘Finishing School’ so that students can acquire necessary skills in their area of specialisation before they graduate.
“We are encouraging it to start from secondary school level because some of these students have the talent they are born with and at that level, it can be identified and introduce them to various skills that will help them along their educational career. This year conference will focus on utilizing the entrepreneurial mindset to address skills gad in the Nigerian economy,” he explained.

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