Professional Discipline

General Information

It is mandatory that all the subjects in one part must be passed before candidates are allowed to proceed to the next level. Candidates who fail in one/some subjects shall be referred in the subject/subjects.
Successful completion of all the parts of the examination stages would lead to the award of the Professional Postgraduate Diploma Certificate in Training and

Examination Fees

Details of the prescribed fees charged for each level of the examinations are
available at the secretariat

Withdrawal of Registration

The Institute shall withdraw the registration of candidates if it was discovered
i. He has given false information to facilitate his registration
ii. He has been found guilty of any criminal offence
iii. He is medically certified to be a lunatic or unsound mind
iv. He neglects for 24 months from the due date, payment of his annual
v. He resigns by giving a written notice to the Institute.

Notification of Results

Candidates would be notified of their examination results through notice
board or by post. Such results may also be published in the Institute’s journal
or posted on our website. Moreover, the Institute would not enter into any
correspondence on results.

Services to Candidate

There are many services open to candidates, among them are:
I. The use of the Institute’s library
II. Attendance at (Branch) meetings and conferences
III. Receipt of the Institute’s newsletters and journals
IV. Guidance and Counseling services
V. Contacts with the Secretariat on any issue for clarification.


Candidates may be exempted from any of the subjects at the foundation stage
and part 1 provided they are University and HND graduate in the relevant fields.
The minimum grades should be graded “B”, 2nd Class Upper for University
graduates and Upper Credit for Polytechnic graduates in the appropriate subject
in their examination.                                                                                                                                                                                       
Candidates wishing to be exempted should apply to the Institute, (using a
prescribed form) stating the examination they have passed with dates, the name of the University or Polytechnic, a copy of the syllabus for the subject from which exemption is being claimed.                                                                                                       
Candidates should ask the Registrar of the University/Provost/Rector of the
Polytechnic to furnish their transcripts to the secretariat.                                             
Candidates should note that exemption is not in part 2 and 3 of the examinations, except a special arrangement exists between the Institute and the particular Educational Institution. The exemption request form must be submitted not later than three months before the examination.                                                                                                    
The exemption fee must accompany the request. Details on this can be obtained from the Secretariat. No request would be entertained after the closing date and no arrangement would be made for candidates who have not paid the prescribed

Application and Registration for the Examination

The application for admission can be obtained from the Institute. The prescribed non-refundable fee should accompany the completed form on submission.
Also, candidates should make sure that they meet the admission requirements as stipulated in (3) above. Only registered candidates are allowed to take the
Institute’s examinations.

Date of Examinations

The Institute’s examinations are held in the months of May and November in each year

Deferment from the Examination

Candidates who which to withdraw from any examination would not be allowed
except on medical grounds.
Such cases should be supported with a Medical Certificate and a letter from the candidate’s Managers. Notice should reach the Institute preferably before the examination but in any event not later than two weeks after the examination. In such a situation, examination fees already paid could be carried forward only
less administrative charges.

Preparation for the Institute Examination

To assist students in preparing for the Institute’s examinations, the Institute
has made available in this booklet recommended texts for each subject. The
texts are by no means exhaustive. Students’ are also advised to visit relevant websites on various courses to update them with the latest in books and

Admission Requirements

The Institute Professional Postgraduate Diploma is the ultimate professional
qualification for Training and Development practice in Nigeria. Candidates are
expected to have:
I. GCE or NECO with credits in five subjects including: English Language and Mathematics
II. Have a degree in any discipline


If a student fails one subject at the examinations, he shall be allowed to retake
that paper at the next examinations. If he fails again, the student would repeat
the examinations in all subjects in the part in question.                                                                                                              
However, any student who has a reference and fails to present himself in the next examination without sufficient justification which shall be made known to the Institute at the time of examination is due to be taken shall repeat the whole part. Students shall be expected to pass any part within two years,
otherwise, the students would be asked to withdraw.

Cancellation of Previous Results

The results of candidates who failed to sit for the next examination three
years after he/she might have passed the previous stage would be regarded as
no longer valid.

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